About Us

When experience, quality and competitiveness come together at all levels under one site, you know you have come to a special place; we are not yet the global leaders but we certainly aspire to be. is the result of expertise in the field of programming and development to provide a unique and competitive website offering a range of excellent features to help you list your online advertisements and deliver them to the largest possible number of customers. You have better opportunities to find what you are looking for and to sell your products and services as quickly as possible.
We got started with Internet projects in 1996 by designing small personal sites, then we moved to e-commerce and search engines in 2003.  We decided to merge our expertise and our ideas to create an advertising website in 2011.
Bahhar advertising Services is a limited liability company, officially licensed in the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi. Specialized in advertising and e-marketing. Our website is
We offer our services to any person or company wishing to display products or services for sale or marketing through the Internet by placing classified listings and advertisements on our website. offers state of the art information technology to provide distinctive characteristics in the field of electronic advertising, and we continue our efforts to offer the latest technological advances developed in this field at competitive prices if not for free.
Thank you for visiting our website and please feel free to contact us for more information.